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P3 Labs Yamaha GP1800 Gauge Pods!

P3 Labs now sells a fully customizable gauge pod for your GP1800! Check out the video from the guys at PWC Muscle! You can purchase your gauge pod here: If you want custom options please be sure to note

Installing a Fizzle Y1000 Intercooler

PWC Muscle shows you how to install the Fizzle Y1000 intercooler kit for the Yamaha GP1800 SVHO!

Yamaha GP1800 Thru Hull Exhaust VS Free Flow Exhaust

Here we compare the thru hull exhaust to the free flow exhaust to the thru hull exhaust with a RIVA water box. Here are the parts: Riva Free Flow Exhaust Kit, GP1800/VXR/VXS RIVA Yamaha GP1800, 2015+ VXR/VXS Rear Exhaust Kit

GP1800 Stage 1 Tune Results

Here Joe Zammataro from PWC Muscle goes in depth on the results you see when tuning a stock Yamaha GP1800 with RIVAs stage 1 tune using the MaptunerX hardware.  

GP1800 RIVA Tune Installation

In this video we load our new maps onto our ecu with the Maptuner X. We are utilizing RIVA’s maps to do this. A nice thing about the Maptuner X is that you can load multiple tunes onto this tuner

Ribbon Delete For the GP1800 Installation

This Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit created specifically for the SVHO engeine enables your GP1800 to produce more hp by delivering increased air flow. A precision tapered billet sleeve directly replaces a restrictive mesh element in intake tract. Provides improved low

Riva Power Filter Kit for the Yamaha GP1800 (RY13110) Installation

Breathe some more air and life into your Yamaha GP1800! In the latest video of our build series, we show you how to a Riva Power Filter and Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit into the SVHO. Both are available on

Yamaha GP1800 RIVA Tune Results

So we ran our GP1800 without a tune and then with one. All along measuring distance and speed with an accelerometer. Here is what we found. How it works: We have a total of 10 runs. Five in one direction

Yamaha GP1800 Build Series Introduction

Here we introduce the Yamaha GP1800 build ski and give you an idea of what we will be adding to the ski during the build process.

Yamaha GP1800 Build Series is Underway!

We are very happy to announce that we have picked up and began our Yamaha GP1800 project. We will be adding multiple modifications to this build to push this ski over 80mph. We have started by adding a RIVA tune