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Part Spotlight: RIVA GP1800 Valve Retainer Upgrade Kit Yamaha 1.8L

This upgrade kit is only recommended for skis with stage 3 modifications. Our Valve Retainer Upgrade Kit increases the reliability of your engine by reducing the possibility of valve float at high rpm. Includes 16 lightweight, precision-machined titanium valve retainers.


Our High Flow Fuel Rail is an essential upgrade to your fuel system to support increased horsepower from supercharger or turbo modifications. Directly replaces restrictive factory fuel rail for improved fuel delivery and enhances the appearance of your engine bay.

Part Spotlight: RIVA Yamaha GP1800 STAGE 1 PLUS KIT

The GP1800 Stage 1 kit is an easy addition to any GP1800 set up. This kit is getting 82mph with no ther modifications in good conditions. Keep in mind that there are two separate impellers that are available in this

Part Spotlight: Solas Yamaha 1800 Impeller 13/20

The Solas Yamaha 1800 Impeller 13/20 is perfect for Yamaha GP1800s with stage 2 modifications. The new Solas Concord YV-CD-13/20 blows away the performance of your stock impeller! Large blade area and superior hub design deliver increased acceleration and top

Part Spotlight: Supercharger Impeller Upgrade

Upgrade your supercharger! Presenting the ultimate (drop-in) supercharger impeller for the Yamaha SVHO Engine! Designed to deliver more horsepower and torque throughout the RPM range resulting in excellent acceleration and top speed. Precision machined from billet aluminum to ensure exact

Part Spotlight: GP1800 Hydro-Turf

Adding Hydro-Turf is a sure way to both spruce up your ski’s look and greatly increase your PWC’s traction. The Hydro-turf material is a close celled EVA foam that is highly durable and holds up to mother nature. Add Yamaha

Part Spotlight: WORX Intake Grate

The WORX intake grate (Part number: WR246) for the Yamaha GP1800 offers an increased user experience for ALL riders, both recreation and racers alike. Designed for the ultimate hook-up and handling, this intake grate combats cavitation in choppy to rough

Part Spotlight: WORX Sponsons

The WORX Sponsons (part number: WR552) for the 2017 Yamaha GP1800 offer a much improved handling experience over the stock sponson set up.  There are four points for adjustments on this set that allow you to adjust not only handling,