Yamaha GP1800 RIVA Tune Results

So we ran our GP1800 without a tune and then with one. All along measuring distance and speed with an accelerometer. Here is what we found.

How it works: We have a total of 10 runs. Five in one direction and then five in the other. Per tune. We remove the worst two runs and the best two runs then average the other size runs to find our resulting data.

Now just to recap how we do this:
10 runs total (5 in each direction).
We remove the top and bottom 2 runs, average the rest.

Time is in seconds, distance in feet. This shows both stock and after we installed a tune.

So we can see with just the tune we’ve already gained 33 feet after 5 seconds, and accelerate from 0-60 nearly a full second faster.

After the tune was added we were seeing a top speed of 75.4mph 2-way average.